Welcome to my blog/website. This is where I indulge my passion for writing about everything and anything that takes my fancy or should that be fantasy?
We live in a mad, mad, mad, mad world and an even madder universe. Relatively speaking.
Fortunately, I am a practising skeptic with a healthy respect for the inexplicable, the merely puzzling, the paranormal and things that go bump in the night. For me there are no lineballs. Everything that comes my way usually lands inside the lines. There is no umpire or hawkeye.
I sometimes gamble but I also hedge my bets.
I was once indecisive but now I am not so sure.
Life is one big game of snakes and ladders.
Certainty and contradiction are two sides of the same coin.
My mission is to entertain, amuse, shock and provoke positive thinking.
I have an invisible friend who is an orange walrus named Seymour.
I welcome all feedback especially gushing praise.
I can also cop constructive criticism.
Thanks for dropping in. Come back anytime.


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